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Bringing automation in payment systems

Trayvisor proposes an AI-powered payment software for self-service checkout in order to reduce the waiting time and provide a seamless client experience.

Our AI-powered solution consists in automatic plate and food recognition using computer vision and deep learning and it is ready to be deployed in different cashier systems.

Trayvisor allows checkout in 3 simple steps:
  • The customer deposes the tray under the camera.
  • Trayvisor sends the list of items which is presented in the screen.
  • The customer pays using their badge.

The solution

To respond to this challenge, Trayvisor proposes an intelligent recognition solution, that reduces the time required for the checkout process in a few seconds.

How does Trayvisor work?

  • 1 The photo of the tray is taken in the terminal.
  • 2 The photo is sent to the Trayvisor API.
  • 3 The list of products is returned in the terminal's screen.

In less than 3 seconds!


Trayvisor proposes two main plans that can be further adapted to any restaurant's particular needs:

Trayvisor light

  • AI-powered recognition of commercial products
    (yogurts, desserts, drinks...)
  • AI-powered recognition of starter/main/dessert
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Trayvisor full

  • AI-powered recognition of commercial products
    (yogurts, desserts, drinks...)
  • AI-powered recognition of each aliment present on the tray
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Interested to know more?

Our team will be happy to discuss how Trayvisor can be integrated in your restaurant to fit your specific needs.

Key figures

What makes Trayvisor's AI-powered payment solution unique?

0.9s per image

It takes only 1.5 second for an image to be analyzed and the list of items to be returned.

8s for a full cycle

From deposing the tray on the terminal to validating the list of products, it all happens in 8 seconds!

98% food recognition

Thanks to the rich database the model is trained on, 98% of the aliments are recognised.

94% tray recognition

In 92% of the cases all the products and aliments in a tray are recognized.

3000 + aliments

Trayvisor's database includes more than 3000 commercial products and recipes.